Wednesday, March 26, 2014

over 10 pins

clown shoes and warm booze 
song’s on repeat and fried food
♫ just a small town girl 

Photo by Carl.  Words by Fred.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

birth days and days we wait

birth days and days we wait

my mom was born once
a few years ago her daddy waited while her momma felt the pain-joy 
of bringing her into the world 
Washington DC

last night my sadie waited for a young lady to have a young lady
she held her hand
she was honest and fair and full of love 
and then she told me about it
Chicago IL 

birth days and days we wait

somewhere someone is pregnant 
on a broken street in a broken house with numbers falling from the door
where they are free and broken and alive

there is so much beauty in it, birth 
falling in love while orgasming and screaming and thrusting in pain-joy


birth days and days we wait

that mother
on that street 
in that house 
with the numbers

maybe we could hold her hand

Photo by Carl.  Words by Dustin.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rainbow's End Road

Today I remember
our home in the Sierras
and the path we took
to breakfast at the lodge.
Once, at daybreak,
I found your footsteps
in mud. I traced your gait,
sinking my boot in your boot
prints, turning with you
onto the meadow path.
Your prints ended at you
kneeled down, cradling
a trembling Steller’s Jay
and cursing the stray—
a half-breed bobcat, we believed—
that sat in the duff licking
her paws. You offered me
the creature in your palms.
Bird is all you said.

I want you to describe
twitching wings against fingers.
Or the stains of earth you carried
on your knees the rest of that day.
Or the clouds of breath—mine,
yours, the cat’s, even the jay’s,
shuttling once more a pinch
of oxygen into its lungs.
I want you to tell stories
I already know, slice
your hand on a knife
in dishwater, bring
flowerpots of basil
in from the rain.

We aren’t going back
to that house on Rainbow’s End.
The cat is probably dead now,
the jay under a foot of earth
exactly as we left it.

Photo by Matthew.   Words by Andrew.